Qatar’s Hamad International Airport trialling pioneering new touchless technology

Technology 27-Oct-2020

Doha’s Hamad International Airport is trialling new check-in kiosks that use infra-red technology to detect passengers’ fingerprints and therefore eliminate the need for them to touch any screens.

The kiosks, which utilise happyhover and SITA Mobile Solution technology, are being trialled for contactless self-check-in and baggage drop.

The introduction of these advanced smart solutions is part of HIA’s ongoing efforts to safeguard its staff and passengers from COVID-19.

According to the airport, the happyhover solution uses infra-red technology to detect fingers as they approach a specific area of the screen to accept the intended customer action; eliminating the need to touch potentially infected surfaces.

In addition, passengers also have the option to conveniently use their mobile phones to control the kiosk screen using the SITA Contactless Kiosk Solution.

Passengers can simply scan QR codes that will connect their mobile phone via Wi-Fi to SITA Remote Control App. The App will display a touch-pad which the passenger can use to remotely control the mouse pointer on the kiosk screen. It also features a keyboard that passengers can use to type on the kiosk screen without touching it.

These latest additions to HIA’s suite of technologies offer convenient, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are easily deployed to reduce contact during self-check-in and baggage drop processes.

Hamad’s senior vice president for technology and innovation, Suhail Kadri, says: “We are continually looking for solutions that aid the wellbeing of our passengers and employees. Our solution ensures passenger comfort and peace of mind with their intuitive user experience, allowing a range of inputs and gestures.

“The introduction of these technologies at HIA not only fits well within our strategy of frictionless travel as a leading global digital airport but also reaffirms our commitment to rebuilding passenger trust in travelling through Hamad International Airport.”

Other health and wellbeing measures introduced at the airport this year include becoming the first gateway in the region to implement the C2 security screening technology at the transfer security checkpoint.

The move, it says, has enabled security personnel to detect and handle threats in passenger luggage without having to remove laptops and electronic devices and therefore avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

Elsewhere, safety measures at its terminals have been enhanced with fully autonomous disinfectant robots and advanced thermal screening helmets.

HIA was also one of the first global airports to offer a contactless and paperless airport experience with the introduction of biometric identification technology, in addition to touchless elevator keys.